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We are large supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) users with the experience to help your firm excel. Along with our partners, PPG, Amercoat, Keeler Long, Sigma Coatings, American Powder Coatings, we offer a complete line of industrial coating products to meet or exceed your coating requirements for Wood, Metal, Industrial Maintenance, or Concrete applications.

Since we are independent we have the flexibility that other suppliers just can’t provide. We make our own stains for the Wood Industry and have the ability to custom blend industrial coating products to meet your individual needs and price points; after all there are few instances where one product will fit everyone’s requirements.

We also carry an extensive line of industrial coating products for Concrete substrates that involve floors and walls and we carry special performing products to protect against the everyday exposures your particular application might come in contact with.

Let our experienced professionals help you determine the best product for your application with our  on-site pre-application consulting and instructional support for the actual application of your product.

From the beginning of the specification process through the final application of the paint or Industrial Coating, at United Coatings Technologies we will go the distance with you to ensure that we have not only met your needs and goals, but we have exceeded them.

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Our Industrial Coatings include:

  • Wood Sealants

UV Coatings
Precatalyzed Lacquer Coatings
Conversion Varnishes
Lacquer Stains
MDF Primers & Finishes
Polyester Finishes
Polyurethane Finishes

  • Metal Coatings

Powder Coatings
Shop Coat Primers
I/O Zincs
• Industrial Maintenance (metal – maintenance)
I/O Zincs
Pipe Coatings
Bridge Paints
Waste Water Treatment Paints
Potable Water Coatings

  • Concrete Sealers

Industrial Floor Coatings
Conventional Solids Epoxies
100% Solids Epoxy Floor Systems
Quartz Flooring Systems
Epoxy Block Fillers



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