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From LEED certified primers and paints to drywall primers and zero VOC primers & paints, we have the commercial coating products to meet your particular application. Not only are they simple to use, they are long lasting, and perform well above the competition. We can also help you with all of the necessary support items such as Sundries and Solvents for thinning, cleaning, and prepping surfaces and equipment.

Whether you are painting Single or Multi-Family homes, Commercial Buildings, or just every day Building or Industrial Maintenance, we provide technical assistance at no additional cost to you. Our team of experts can help with on-site pre-application consulting and we also provide instructional support for the actual application of our commercial coating products.

Since we are independent we have the flexibility that other suppliers just can’t provide. We can custom blend commercial coatings to meet your individual needs and price points, or provide you with a more common generic type commercial coating at a very competitive price. While we enjoy our sales relationship with PPG quality coatings and American Powder Coatings (APC) products, we are pleased that we can meet the prescription type needs of our customers as well.

If you are not certain of the commercial coating for your situation, just contact us and we will be happy to assist you. At United Coatings Technologies we are always Pro-Active to help not only meet your needs and goals, but to exceed them.


We provide Commercial Coatings for:

  • Single Family Homes

Zero VOC Primers & Paints
Drywall Primers & Paints
Floor Paints
Exterior Wood Paints
Penetrating Wood Stains
Polyurethanes & Varnishes

  • Multi Family Homes

Builder Paints

  • Commercial Buildings

LEED Certified Primers & Paints
Block Fillers
Zero VOC Primers & Paints
Professional Quality Primers & Paints
Single Component WB Epoxy

  • Building Maintenance

Latex Paints
Drywall Primers
Specialty Primers
Zero VOC Primers & Paints
Single Component WB Epoxy
Traffic Paints



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