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PPG Products

Aquapon 35
Durethane DTM
Fast Dry 35

Fast Dry 2500

Pittech Plus
Pitthane Ultra



Pittsburgh Paint Products


Primers (con't)

Exterior Stains (con't)

Manor Hall® Timeless® Interior
Manor Hall® Interior Latex
Manor Hall® Interior/Exterior
Manor Hall® Interior Alkyd
Accent Color Base
Pure Performance®
Speedhide® Interior Latex
Speedhide® Interior Wall/Trim Oil
Speedhide® Interior/Exterior
Speedcraft® Interior Latex
Speedpro® Interior Latex
Speedpro® Latex Interior/Exterior
Wall Supreme™
HomeVantage™ Plus
Builder's Spec® Pro
Monarch Mopako™ Interior Latex
Multi-Pro™ Interior Latex


Manor Hall® Timeless® Exterior
Manor Hall® Exterior
Manor Hall® Interior/Exterior
Sun-Proof® Latex Exterior
Sun-Proof® Alkyd Oil Exterior
Sun-Proof® Latex Exterior
Sun-Proof® Alkyd Oil Exterior
Speedhide® Latex Exterior
Speedhide® Interior/Exterior
Speedpro® Latex Interior/Exterior


SEAL GRIP® Universal Primer/Sealer - 100% Acrylic
SEAL GRIP® Universal Primer/Sealer - Alkyd
SEAL GRIP® Ultra Stain Killing Primer - Synthetic
SEAL GRIP® Enamel Undercoater - Latex
SEAL GRIP® Enamel Undercoater - Alkyd

SEAL GRIP® Permanizer Plus® Wood Stabilizer - Urethane Acrylic
Pure Performance® Primer/Sealer
Perma-Crete® Alkali-Resistant Primer (4-603)
Perma-Crete® High Build 100% Acrylic Primer (4-2)
Sun-Proof® Exterior House and Trim Oil Primer
Sun-Proof® Latex Primer
Speedhide® Exterior House and Trim Wood Primer Flat
Speedhide® High Build Interior Latex Primer/Surfacer
Speedcraft® Interior Latex Sealer

Interior Stains

Olympic® Premium Wood Stain
Olympic® Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain
Olympic® Premium Gel Stain
Olympic® Premium Oil-Based Sanding Sealer
Olympic® Premium Water-Based Sanding Sealer
Olympic® Premium Oil-Based Polyurethane
Olympic® Premium Water-Based Polyurethane
Olympic® Premium Fast Dry Varnish
Olympic® Premium Interior/Exterior Spar Finish

Exterior Stains

Sun-Proof® Solid Color Latex Stain
Sun-Proof® Solid Color Alkyd/Oil Stain
Composite Deck Stain Solid Color
Sun-Proof® Semi-Opaque Acrylic/Oil Stain

Sun-Proof® Semi-Opaque Alkyd/Oil Stain
Sun-Proof® Semi-Transparent Acrylic/Oil Stain
Sun-Proof® Semi-Transparent Alkyd/Oil Stain
Composite Deck Stain Semi-Transparent
Sun-Proof® Acrylic/Oil Toner
Sun-Proof® Alkyd/Oil Toner
Sun-Proof® Acrylic/Oil Toner
Sun-Proof® Alkyd/Oil Clear
Deck Cleaner
Stain Stripper
Mildew Check® Multi-Purpose Wash
Multi-Surface Waterproofing Clear Sealant
Premium Deck Care Sprayer
Wood Brightener

Specialty Products

SPEEDHIDE ® - Dry Fogs
Perma-Crete ® - Concrete & Masonary
SPEEDHIDE ® - Traffic & Zone Marking Paint
zoneline ® - Line Parking lots & Road
zonemark ® - Athletic field marking paint
PITT BULL ®- Resists chipping, cracking, peeling and fading
PPG - Specialty Wood Care Products
SPEEDLINE® LACQUER - Protects wood products
TOP GUN 200® - High performance caulks and sealants




Olympic Products

Olympic Stains


Porter Paint Products
Porter Paints